Brasil Cacau Keratin 1 Step Smoothing Treatment BTX Vegan 1L



The Brasil Cacau BTX smoothing treatment enhances the internal structure and overall health of the hair. It smoothens the cuticle, eliminating frizz, significantly reducing styling time, and instantly improving manageability while providing external protection. The outcome is hair that is straighter, smoother, healthier, and free from frizz, radiating a brilliant shine. Suitable for all hair types, the results can last up to twelve weeks.

Key Features:

  • Straighter, Smoother, Healthier Hair
  • Long-lasting Nourishment and Manageability
  • Anti-Frizz Humidity Protection
  • Infused with Botanical Collagen for Strong, Soft, Shiny Hair
  • Suitable for All Hair Types, Lasting Up To 3 Months
  • 100% Vegan Formula
  • Non-damaging, No Harsh Chemicals
  • Formaldehyde-Free


Blonde or grey hair may experience yellowing, and, in certain instances, hair colour may fade by up to 4 levels. It is crucial to conduct a strand test before application. Instructions & guide must be followed.