Brushworx Earth Bamboo Radial Brush Small


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Environmentally Conscious Brush with Sustainable Design

Embrace a love for hair and the Earth with the Brushworx Earth Bamboo Aerated Radial Brush in Small. Crafted from sustainable, self-regenerating, and recyclable bamboo, this brush aligns with eco-friendly practices. Bamboo, being one of the planet’s most readily renewable resources, is cultivated without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. The aerated design of the brush expedites drying and styling, acknowledging the value of time. With a 50mm barrel size, it’s ideal for smoothing, straightening, or creating curls with added volume. The brush features boar bristles that distribute the scalp’s natural oils for a soft, luxurious finish, while nylon bristles deeply penetrate any hair texture for enhanced control. The round brush also comes equipped with a hidden handle pick for easy sectioning. Brushworx proudly stands as an Australian-owned brand.

Key Features:

  • Small: 50mm barrel size
  • Crafted from sustainable, self-regenerating, and recyclable bamboo
  • Bamboo, an eco-friendly and highly renewable resource
  • Requires no pesticides or fertilizers for cultivation
  • Boar bristle for a soft, luxurious finish
  • Nylon bristle for enhanced control on various hair textures
  • Round brush perfect for smoothing, straightening, or creating voluminous curls
  • Hidden handle pick for easy sectioning
  • Aerated design expedites drying and styling
  • Brushworx: A proudly Australian-owned brand
  • Colour: Wood finish