CPR Classic The Original Hair Booster 100g

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Introducing CPR Classic The Original Hair Booster 100g Leave-in Daily Moisturiser with UV Protection, featuring an original and unique formulation designed to restore and maintain your hair’s natural moisture balance every day. This non-greasy solution offers a smooth, build up-free application that closes and protects the cuticle, safeguarding your hair against damage and dryness caused by saltwater, chlorine, and the sun’s UV rays.

Key Features:

  • Leave-in Daily Moisturiser with UV Protection
  • Restores and maintains natural moisture balance
  • Non-greasy, no buildup formula
  • Protects against damage from saltwater, chlorine, and UV rays
  • Suitable for all hair types

How to Use: Spread a small amount through the palm of your hands and apply evenly to dry or damp hair. Leave it in for continuous protection.

Tip: For extra protection, apply just before going swimming in chlorine or saltwater. Enjoy the benefits of hydrated and shielded hair with our innovative Leave-in Daily Moisturiser.

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Weight110 kg
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