Lisap Light Scale 10 Decolorante In Pasta – Charcoal Bleach 500g


The Light Scale Charcoal Bleach is designed to lift hair up to 10 levels, resulting in a flawless blonde shade while maintaining the health and hydration of the hair. The unique black color of the bleaching paste is attributed to charcoal, which not only provides its distinctive appearance but also effectively neutralizes undesirable yellow/orange undertones, promoting hair purification.

Featuring the Charcoal Sugar Complex, a synergistic blend of sugars and charcoal, this dual-action formula works on multiple fronts. The sugars operate on the hair’s surface and within the cuticle, offering protection and hydration throughout the lightening process. The incorporation of natural oils further enhances the formula’s mildness, leaving the hair visibly healthier.

Made in Italy.

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