LK Cream Color 1-0 Black 100ml



Elevate the traditional cream hair colour experience with a touch of modern chemistry and eco-alchemy. LK presents an extensive line of cutting-edge formulas, enriched with our patented Oil Protection Complex, Phyto-Enhancer, and Ceramide A2. Achieve radiant, hydrated, and nourished hair both immediately after application and in the long run. Our blend, featuring organic, cold-pressed argan and passion flower oils, defines luxury with low ammonia content. The line offers easy mix ratios in volumes 5 to 40, ensuring superior coverage even on the most resistant and grey hair. Developed by our in-house labs, this innovative, low-ammonia collection guarantees ultra-nourishing hues, customizable formulas, and effective grey coverage for a truly rich hair colour experience. The Oil Protection Complex (OPC), is a key component in the formula. It incorporates organic argan and passion flower oils to deliver consistent colour from roots to tips, coupled with the restructuring abilities of our Phyto-Enhancer and Ceramide A2 blend. These sophisticated, emollient oils promise flawless light refraction and enduring colour, while the Phyto-Enhancer ensures deep penetration into even the most stubborn hair, providing hydration, anti-aging benefits, and enhanced colour vibrancy.

Carefully read and follow instructions and warning labels before usage.
This product may include ingredients that can result in skin irritation.
If you have a history of allergic reactions to hair colorants, refrain from coloring.
We cannot provide guidance on the application of this product.
Does not include peroxide, must be purchased separately.

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